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A little about who I am...

My name is Gregers Gjersøe and I am a quite ordinary guy of 51 years, with a girl friend and 3 children. Ordinarily I work as a pilot in SAS. For me expeditions in Greenland and at the South and North poles have always been for the elite. It was not for ordinary mortals like me, it demands super human force and perseverance. I am not at all Superman, I am not especially macho and I am cold when I come out of the morning bath. But I have a strong urge to seek out adventure and make my dreams come true.

It all really started in 1995. I worked then as a pilot in North Norway and finally one day I went to see the polar museum in Tromsø. It is situated at the harbour, and several of my colleagues had said that it was interesting, and that I ought to go and see it. At the very moment I went into the museum, time stood still, the surroundings and the world outside faded away, and I was completely absorbed by the adventure that surrounded the old polar explorers.

When I much later left the museum, it was getting dark and people were returning from work. I went down to the harbour and sat down on the pier. Many of the Norwegian polar expeditions had started here from Tromsø Harbour. Perhaps I was sitting at the very place where Fritjof Nansen or perhaps Roald Amundsen once started one of their adventures.

I looked out at the sea and had a feeling in my stomach as if I had fallen in love. In love with the adventure about the old polar explorers. This visit at the arctic museum in Tromsø on a cold January afternoon would change my life.

Gregers Gjersoe